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Holiday Decorating
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Tis the season to Deck the Halls as evidenced by Christmas displays in every store.  Don’t we all start working on our holiday décor in October and early November?  We haven’t cooked the turkey yet, eaten the pumpkin pie or trudged out on Black Friday to get those awesome deals on the hottest toys or gadgets for our loved ones but we are supposed to be planning for the big day.  I don’t mean December 25th but the day that we drag all the boxes of holiday stuff out of the attic and tackle the biggest redecorating of our home for the year. 

For most of us, we are creatures of tradition.  We may gather our family members, put on Christmas music, unpack boxes, and reminisce about years past.  We put up our tree first and trim it with the memories of a lifetime:  ornaments made by little hands or collected on world travels, garlands that have been through three houses and as many different decors, and a topper that makes a small child look up with wonderment.  Next we deck the mantel, perhaps with a garland, nutcrackers, Santas, and of course stockings that may not match but have special meaning for each of the individuals who is hung.  Next we scatter the remaining items throughout our home where we have always placed them.  After all is done we sink down on the sofa, admire our handy work and are happy that it is all set out for another year.

However, if you are like me, you begin to think about those beautiful displays that you see in the stores in October or the beautiful vignettes that you have seen on Pinterest, or the interior designer on the morning news show with tips for the holiday that look easy but you just know aren’t.  You want to try something new or add to your traditional holiday décor and wonder where to start.  Below are some ideas to kick start the process.  Choose one and try it.  I think that you will find it a great addition to your holiday traditions.

1.       Always wanted to try a themed tree but don’t want to give up your family tree, here are a few thoughts.  For a girl’s room, put up a small tree with clips and have her hang her favorite doll clothes from it.  Instead of having to put the clothes away everyday she just hangs them up on the tree.  On Christmas morning there is a new outfit hung from Santa.  In a boy’s room do the same thing but with Hot Wheels or Thomas the Train.  They will love getting their own tree and feel special.  In a guest room, try a white tree with gold and silver ornaments as the backdrop to glass ornaments the color of the room.  It will add glamour and bring a smile to your guests’ faces every evening when they turn in.

2.       Want to try something different on the mantel, create a winter wonderland.  Have a glittered snowflake garland with pinecone trees and mercury glass candlesticks behind it.  Hang a mirror with a simple pinecone wreath in the middle to complete the sparkling effect.  Love greenery but want something different, try a eucalyptus garland with citrus among it.  Want something fun for the kids, create a twelve days of Christmas garland where there is a treat or small gift hung from each day.

3.       Create an angel table.  Many of us have collected angels over the years.  Put them on one table with some scented candles.  It is a great way to remember the meaning of the season.  Watch It’s a Wonderful Life with your family and reflect on its message when you admire the table.

4.       Many of us have collected some type of holiday décor over the years.  For me it Santas, for my daughter it is nutcrackers.  Instead of displaying them all together, scatter them through each room of your home.  They will bring a smile to your face every time you enter that room.

5.       Utilize wrapped boxes as holiday décor.  Wrap boxes in coordinating paper, add beautiful bows and picks to the top of boxes, and place around your home.  They could be placed under an entry way table, on a bench, or on either side of the front door.   You could just wrap the lids and they could even be hung with removable command hooks on a feature wall to add color and interest.  They add instant elegance to any room.

6.       Shop in your own home.  Many of us forget to look in our own cabinets and hutches.  We can take items that we have and with a little imagination and a few holiday additions we can turn them into striking pieces.  One idea is to take a serving tray from the hutch, a vase from the cabinet, and candlesticks from the mantel.  Place the tray on your dining room table.  Put fresh cut flowers and/or greenery in the vase and place it on the tray. Add holiday candles and beautiful ribbon to the candlesticks and arrange around the vase.  Then put greenery and pinecones for an earthier look or glass and mercury ornaments that coordinate with your décor around the base of the vase to fill the tray.  You have an instant centerpiece with little effort that will add vibrancy to your tablescape.  Let your imagination have fun repurposing your everyday pieces into delightful décor.

The holidays for me are a time to reflect on the past year and honor our family traditions.  One of those traditions is decorating my home.  When I pull all the boxes out of the attic, it is like finding one of my favorite dresses that got lost in the back of my closet.  I get excited about opening each box, rediscovering each item, and the memories that it holds.  However, just like my favorite dress needs a new pair of shoes to go with it, my memories need new ones and adding to the décor is a great way to accomplish that.

Posted By: GuestLepsy On 09/03/2017

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